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Project Rantway

August 8, 2008

A new season of Project Runway means new contestants to love and hate.  Let me give you the rundown on my thoughts so far.

  • Suede.  Suede talks about Suede in the third person.  Suede is a whack-a-doodle.  Suede needs medication.
  • Kenley.  She looks like Bettie Paige, but she sounds like Fran Drescher.
  • Blayne.  Blayne has to tan.  If he does not tan, he loses his super-designing-lisciousness.
  • Stella.  Stella loves leather.  Everything she makes has leather in it.  I keep waiting for her to skin Blayne and make a bustier out of him or a nice pair of pants.

I do not have a favorite designer yet, though.  I will let you know.


TV Dump

March 13, 2008

Here’s a little round-up of all the things I’ve been watching lately:

Project Runway – Yay! Christian won! It was nice to see him a little worried, though. There’s nothing good about someone who is cocky all the time.

Mythbusters – I love a show that puts things to the test in a fun and geeky way. They seem to be back on reruns after the McGuyver episode, though. I’ve seen most of them, but I always give them a chance.

Top Chef – I sit here while my wife watches it, but I’ll get into it soon. The first episode was good enough. I kind of hope the dude that uses lots of gadgets and liquid nitrogen. I always root for the mad scientist candidate.

Dexter – I haven’t seen it in awhile, since the season finale was back in January, but I wait with bated breath for the next season. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when he abandons the Code of Harry.

The Tudors – I usually hate period pieces. However, The Tudors is very well done. I’ll miss Sam Neill this season, but I’m sure I’ll get along without him. March 30th is the premiere!

Weeds – Another big shakeup at the end of the third season sends them off to I don’t know where. I can’t wait for the next season of this, either.

Californication – So, it’s David Duchovny playing David Duchovny as an alcoholic writer with a broken marriage. It’s funnier than it sounds. I’m not sure what they are going to do after the season finale, but I’ll give it a watch when it is back on.

The Sopranos – Netflix delivered us the first disc of the first season. It was… okay. I’ll watch it, but I’m probably not going to be raving about it like some of the other things I’ve been watching.

Babylon 5 – We are re-watching it for the second or third time. It has low production values, but a few of the characters, like Londo and G’Kar, make this one of the best sci-fi shows ever produced.

The X-Files – Netflix has also been sending us episodes of The X-Files. We’re halfway through the first season without David Duchovny. I kind of like Doggett, but he’s going to need a little more time to grow on me.

So, that’s my TV rap for the week. Hopefully someone somewhere will start to watch one of these shows because of me. 🙂

Edit:  Now with super link power!


That’s Fierce

February 28, 2008

Yes, I watch Project Runway.  Last night was the episode when they finally decided who would show at Fashion Week.  I have to say, I don’t agree with the judges.  Chris’ collection was thought provoking and much more interesting than Rami’s.  I still think Christian will end up winning in the end, but we will see.