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Happiness Is…

August 20, 2008

… watching Olympic gymnastics with a bottle and a quarter of wine in your stomach while two of your favorite dogs in the world lick your feet.


Goin’ To The Chapel…

February 26, 2008

Friday we leave to go to my cousin Monica’s wedding.  She is getting married in the lovely city of Pensacola, Florida.  I wish we were going a few months later when it will be hot and the ocean will be warm enough to swim in.

My cousin Monica is an interesting person. She is a nurse now, but in the past she has been a cheerleader, a dancer for a sports team and even a Hooters girl.  Her “papa” met her mother overseas, and he brought her back with him.  She was a Chinese national, so my cousin is half white and half Chinese.  She’s a pretty girl, and I think she supports my idea that people of mixed heritage are more likely to be good looking.  (See Jessica Alba, Freema Agyeman, and Halle Berry.)

I’m excited to see my family again, and I’m sure Ritsa is going to be stressed out by them.  My family is a handful to deal with at times, since they like to tease and annoy the people they like.  However, I find them relaxing.  I wish we weren’t going to only be there four days, but you take the time you can.