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Someone Out There Thinks I’m German

July 6, 2008

On Santorini we went to a very popular black sand beach.  We were going to spend more time there, but my wife’s shoulders were blistering from a sunburn soon after we arrived.   As I was staggering out of the ocean, an older lady comes up to me and starts saying something to me in German.

Now, I’m 3/4ths German as near as I can figure, but apparently I look so German that random German people come up to me and assume their crazy moon language I speak.  My wife DOES speak a smattering of German and figured out the lady was asking if we wanted to use the umbrella and sun chair she had rented, since the nice German lady was getting ready to leave.  My intrepid wife did her best to convey to the woman that we were leaving soon as well, and everyone parted amicably.

So, remember, looking German can score you free sun chairs.