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Movie Review: Push

February 23, 2009

I saw Push tonight. It was okay. The plot is basically: Telekinetic guy teams up with girl that can draw the future to find his lost love that can put thoughts and memories into people’s minds. Wackiness ensues.

Overall, it was good. Dakota Fanning did a great job acting, and Camilla Belle did a great job of looking great. The bit characters did a good job being interesting. The ending was a little unsatisfying, but I think they were leaving it open for a sequel. I do not know if it will earn enough money to justify a sequel, though.

My recommendation is to rent it. I do not think it is worth $10 a seat at the theater.


This Week’s Netflix

July 30, 2008

We had a bit of an eclectic mix arrive from Netflix the other day.

First up is the first disc of the first season of Sex And The City.  The first few episodes really annoyed me.  The ladies have such a bleak outlook on love, it is no wonder to me they cannot find anyone.  I would not want to date any them.

Then we get to Oldboy.  It is a Korean movie and a bit twisted.  A Korean business man is imprisoned for 15 years and then mysteriously awakens out in the real world again.  He starts seeking vengence on those that imprisoned him and reveals a few dark (and twisted) secrets along the way.  It is good, but it takes a little nerve to watch.

Finally we watched the first disc of the first season of Jericho.  It is about a small Kansas town that survives a series of nuclear strikes around the country, the closest being in Denver.  They are isolated and have to figure out how to survive in this brand new world.  There are also a few mysterious people that have recently arrived in the town.  The first episode did not really grab me until almost three quarters of the way through, but then I was hooked.  I know at least one reader of this blog will be happy to hear Shoshannah Stern, the deaf girl from Weeds, is one of the stars.

The next batch of DVDs is already on the way.


Weekend On The Town

May 4, 2008

Friday night I went to see Eddie Izzard with my wife and two of our friends.  I was a bit disappointed to see that Eddie was not in drag for the show, but he did give us the finger.  As always, his routine was topical, extemporaneous, and extremely hilarious.  It was also good to see Graham and Terry again.  It had been over a year since we saw them.

Saturday, Ritsa and I went to see Iron Man.  Fantastic movie.  It takes itself seriously enough to make sense, have three-dimensional characters and provide a little social commentary, but it had enough sarcastic comedy in it to keep from being overwrought and pretentious.  Robert Downey Jr. was inspired casting, and he acted his ass off.  Gwyneth Paltrow was not annoying and even almost pleasant to watch.  The most surprising part for me was Jeff Bridges playing a corporate leader extremely well.  He put aside The Dude and Kevin Flynn and created a memorable character in Obadiah Stane.  I was impressed.