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Life Update

February 9, 2009

I do not have anything too deep to post about today, so I will give you a rundown of some of the random things that have been happening:

  • Had my Facebook profile disabled for some yet-unstated reason.  I am still trying to get some kind of response from Facebook other than the initial auto-response message.
  • Kept up on all my homework and most of my reading.  (Business Law is an interesting course but REALLY dry reading.)
  • Watched some Hulu on my 22″ LCD monitor (Christmas gift from my wife) on my Ubuntu box using Boxee.  Now I just need Netflix to get their act together and support Linux.
  • Got a new general manager at work.  I think he will work out better than if the interim general manager had stayed.
  • Nursed my wife through her bout of flu.  Now I just hope I do not get sick.
  • I think we are cancelling a trip to New Jersey because my wife missed two days of work this week.  It is kind of a bummer, but I get another Dungeons & Dragons game in this way.
  • I have not been able to have lunch with my friend Chris, but due to the pending trip cancellation, I might be able to this week.

Getting On Top Of Finances

January 14, 2009

One of my resolutions this year was to be more active in the finances.  Right now my wife pays all the bills and keeps an eye on the accounts.  All I really do is contribute money from my paycheck.  So, I have begun accounting for us in a nifty little program:  KMyMoney2.  Even though I run GNOME, I like KMyMoney2 better than HomeBank and GNUCash.  So, I am running a KDE application on GNOME.  It is another of the features I like about Linux and Ubuntu.

This will also fit in nicely with the accounting class I am taking this semester.


Not The Best Buy

August 11, 2008

Last night I took all the Best Buy gift cards I got for my birthday and a RewardZone rewards certificate to buy a file server.  I was looking for something with modest specs but as large of a hard drive as I could find.  I settled on a clearenced eMachine.  When I asked the associate for the computer, he gave me the wrong one.  I noticed it right before I got into line to buy it.  I brought it back, and after some hemming and hawwing, it was decided that all that was left was the floor model.

Since it was the floor model, I got a discount.  So, we had to wait for a manager to show up and modify the price.  That is standard operating procedure.  However, I do not think it is SOP to have to wait 5-10 minutes for a manager to show up to modify the price.

The computer is now purchased.  Now, since it is the floor model, the demo software needs to be removed and the “normal” operating system installed.  Basically, it needs to be re-imaged.  I was told it would take 15-20 minutes.  That sounds reasonable.  I’ve re-imaged computers before, but those were XP installs from a single CD.  This was a Vista install, and I am sure it came on a DVD or it was on a recovery partition.

My wife and I ran off to a Borders Books across the street to kill time.  We returned almost a half hour later, and from the sheepish look the Geek Squad guy had when the associate asked him where my computer was, the re-image had not been started.  This was 5 minutes before closing.  I am told it is taking longer than expected, which is highly unlikely.

I would have picked the computer up the next day, but I was scheduled to be at work the entire time the store was open.  So, I stood around and waited until almost a half-hour after closing for the Geek Squad to work their “magic.”

I then took it home and installed Linux on it.  (I thought I would give OpenSUSE a chance, but I may switch over to Ubuntu.)

It will take quite a bit to make me want to go back to that store.


Almost Party Time

August 2, 2008

Well, it is almost time for my 30th birthday party!  The food is almost all cooked.  The pomegranate martinis and cosmopolitans are made, except I switched the juices, so we really have cranberry martinis and pomegranate cosmopolitans…  Sorry about that!  Hopefully they still taste good.

I found a cable to connect the laptop to our tuner, so the music for the party will be provided by Ubuntu and Rhythmbox.  I included some Try^d in the mix, so the party is even more free.

There should be some fun stories later.


Morebuntu For Me

March 23, 2008

I posted last week that I have been running Ubuntu on my desktop for the last year. Well, I’ve gotten it up and running on my laptop now. I tried it previously, but 7.04 didn’t support my video setup out of the box. 7.10, the Gutsy Gibbon, does, though. So, here I am, typing on my laptop that CAN boot to Windows XP, but I prefer to use Ubuntu.


Ubuntu. I buntu. We buntu.

March 16, 2008

My desktop computer has not run Windows for over a year now. It has been running one flavor or another of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a version of Linux designed to be accessible to everyday people. Almost everything can be done using graphical tools instead of typing commands into a console. It is also comes with programs that do pretty much anything you can do with Windows right out of the box. It has an office program, a photo editing program, an email client with a calendar, a note-taking program, a web browser, a movie player, and a music player.  If you need support, often you can get in contact with the people that wrote the program or the community itself will help you.

All of this comes completely free. Free not just as in it costs no money, but it is also free as in you have the right to do pretty much anything you want with the programs. You don’t have to buy licenses from companies to use the programs or anything like that. You also don’t get monitored by whoever created the program.

Linux has other benefits, like the lack of serious viruses for it. Its security setup is to disallow anything not explicitly allowed, whereas Windows likes to allow anything not explicitly disallowed. Which do you think is safer? Ubuntu also requires you to enter your password to change anything about the system. If a program wants to install itself, you have to allow it. It can’t do it be installed behind the scenes by another program.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with Ubuntu. Click here to either download a CD image or here to have a CD shipped to you completely free.