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The Party Went Great!

August 4, 2008

So, everyone survived the party.  The only bad part was when I was mixing some drinks before the party.  I had mixed up the pomegranate and cranberry juice in the pomegranate martinis and cosmopolitans.  Two new drinks were born:  the Crantini and the Posmo!

One thing I did learn at the party is that it is harder to get too drunk when you have to mix your own martinis.  The drunker you get, the less motivation you have to get up and mix yourself another drink.  Since they are martinis, they do not get stronger as you get drunker.  They are pure alcohol the way it is.

It was great to see everyone that showed up.  Some of them I had not seen for months, however it had been one whole night since I saw one person there.  We had a suitably nerdy conversation, mostly about TV shows and movies.

And a special shout-out goes to my wife and sister-in-law for making some amazing food.

It was a fantastic 30th birthday party.


Almost Party Time

August 2, 2008

Well, it is almost time for my 30th birthday party!  The food is almost all cooked.  The pomegranate martinis and cosmopolitans are made, except I switched the juices, so we really have cranberry martinis and pomegranate cosmopolitans…  Sorry about that!  Hopefully they still taste good.

I found a cable to connect the laptop to our tuner, so the music for the party will be provided by Ubuntu and Rhythmbox.  I included some Try^d in the mix, so the party is even more free.

There should be some fun stories later.


Getting Ready For The Party

July 29, 2008

In June I turned 30.  We were going to have a big blow-out the day of my birthday, but that was so soon after we returned from Greece we never had a chance to plan it.  So, we are finally getting everything lined up.

The e-vite has been sent, and we have somewhere around 11 people attending.  Today I bought booze.  $120 did not go as far as I thought it would.  I keep looking at the bottles telling myself that 11 people are not going to drink 4 liters of liquor, but the host side of me keeps thinking we should get more booze.  We may break down and buy more.

The menu has been nearly finalized, and since we have some vegetarians coming, most of it will be meat-free.  I think only one dish will be meaty.

Now we just need to shop and clean.